Urge Representatives to Vote No on HB 359


  • Representative Carolina Amesty
  • Representative Adam Anderson
  • Representative Robin Bartleman
  • Representative Dan Daley
  • Representative Lisa Dunkley
  • Representative Michael Gottlieb
  • Representative Phillip Griffits
  • Representative Fred Hawkins
  • Representative Jeff Holcomb
  • Representative Berny Jacques
  • Representative Stan McClain
  • Representative Jenna Persons
  • Representative Rachel Plakon
  • Representative John Temple
  • Representative Kaylee Tuck
  • Representative Marie Woodson
  • Representative Taylor Yarkosky


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VOTE NO on HB 359

Dear [Decision Maker],

Please VOTE NO on HB 359.

Please represent the interests of Florida's citizens, and VOTE NO on HB 359.

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